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Home Away From Home Stays


Feel At Home Away From Home

With an end to the pandemic, people are again travelling.  What has changed?

The same question arises should I stay in a Hotel? or an Airbnb/Vacation Rental. This  depends on what the experience you want.  Let’s look at the differences.

Hotels offer brand name, have a front desk and have on site facilities such as restaurant, a pool, gym, meeting rooms etc.  The rooms are usually approximate 250-350 square feet depending on wether you choose a standard room or suite.  There are no kitchen facilities or laundry.  The nightly rate depends on season and time of week. 

Airbnb/Vacation Rentals have no front desks, usually offer use of kitchen facilities, use of entire spaces one/two/three bedrooms, Free WiFi and the feeling of home away from home.  Usually the nightly rate is the same or lower the the hotel nightly rate.  However, you get a lot more living space for the same nightly rate compared to hotels.

Feel Free To Contact Us for more information.  Also be sure to check out our other furnished downtown locations  KensingtonSuites and St Annes Suites


  • Make sure to take the time to research and read all the details.  If not sure, reach out to the Host
  • Read all the house rules and cancellation policies carefully
  • Indicate the correct number of people and your anticipated time of arrival
  • Provide contact info in the event the property needs to contact you.
  • Make sure payment info is up to date and successful in processing


  • Don’t start off trying to negotiate a better price especially during busy season
  • Don’t misrepresent the total number of guests staying at the property.
  • Don’t agree to the House Rules if you don’t intend to follow them.
  • Don’t ask for special requests after booking.
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